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Revenuity: Revenue Cycle Management Services
We work as an extension of your team to quickly identify areas of improvement and provide our services wherever they are needed.

Faster Claims Processing
Our round-the-clock billing operations ensure that your claims for previous day are processed by the time you come to your office the next morning.

Stringent Quality Control
Our ISO 9001 certified quality control process relies on extensive electronic reporting and manual verification by our Quality Assurance staff to ensure that all data entry operations are free of errors.

Prompt Follow up for Collections
Each claim response from a payer is analyzed to ensure that you are being paid according to contract. Rejections and underpayments are promptly followed up at the time of posting payments, with appeals where needed

Lower your Administrative Costs
Increase your business without increasing the billing staff thereby reducing your administrative overhead.

Improved Accounts Recievables
By employing innovative best practices, Argole Systems Inc. can help you lower your accounts receivables.

Established Payor Relationships
We use relationship established with both government and commercial payers to ensure that your claims are being paid according to contract.

Prompt Customer Support
Our superb customer care is available to you over the phone and email, to answer your queries. Email queries are responded to within 24 hours

Easy Setup
We can work with clients in all 50 states. In most cases, all you need is a digital scanner, a PC, access to email, and a high speed internet connection - we take care of the rest. If you don't have a scanner already, we will provide one to you - free of charge. Data hosting option is also available.

Flexible Pricing Model
Our flexible pricing model ensures that you receive the best possible value based on the services you want us to perform for you.

Trained Workforce
Our Billing Analysts undergo a rigorous training program before they file even a single claim. Regular training sessions ensure that our employees are aware of the latest information regarding healthcare billing.

Fully HIPAA Compliant
With HIPAA-trained employees, privacy and security of your data is ensured through multiple layers of data and physical security, access controls, and periodic data backups.